Say Goodbye to Mowing and Fertilizing with Outsidepride’s Dutch Clover Seeds

For homeowners eager to minimize yardwork yet maintain an attractive outdoor space, eco-friendly low grass alternatives like clover offer an optimal solution. Not only do clovers require little to no mowing, watering or fertilizing, their dense groundcover and appealing flowers render yards just as aesthetically pleasing. Outsidepride’s White Dutch Clover Seeds set both homeowners and the environment up for success.

This one pound bag contains over 250,000 white dutch clover seeds – enough coverage for around 1,500 square feet. The white flowers of this clover variety bloom from spring through fall, adding visual delight year-round. Its creeping growth habit spreads to quickly form a solid but low-maintenance lawn alternative.

Once established, white dutch clover tolerates foot traffic, resists most weeds and remains green without irrigation due to its drought-resistant nature. The deep root systems of clover also aerate soil and help retain moisture – all naturally.

Overall, Outsidepride’s white dutch clover seeds represent a simple, eco-friendly solution for transforming unused or patchy lawns into attractive yet hands-off oases. With a decreased need for mowing, watering, fertilizing and other yardwork, clover offers both convenience and cost savings while remaining kind to the environment- all benefits wrapped up in one pocket-sized seed bag.

If struggling to maintain an attractive yet low-maintenance yard has you longing for an alternative to traditional grass, Outsidepride’s white dutch clover seeds could deliver the optimal blend of visual appeal, hands-off ease and eco-friendly qualities you seek.

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