Finishing Like a Pro on Any Budget with the Unitec 120V Plate Sander

For woodworkers and craftspeople, smooth surfaces “pop” – highlighting the high quality and meticulous care that went into their creation. But achieving a velvety finish demands the right machinery. While big-box double belt and drum sanders offer unrivaled performance, their hefty price tags put them out of reach for the budget-minded enthusiast. The Unitec 120V Plate Sander provides a cost-effective solution for professionals on a pinch.

This 12 amp powerhouse features a giant 13 x 19 inch sanding platform that facilitates rapid and even sanding of large surfaces. Its powerful AC motor drives two opposing sanding belts up to 3,450 RPM for fast stock removal and optimum finishing speeds.

A dual variable speed control dial allows you to precisely adjust settings from 680 to 3,450 RPM based on your material and desired finish. An integrated vacuum port connects to a dust collection system to keep your work area clean. Wire brushes are also compatible with the sander, expanding its versatility for a variety of surface preparations.

While capable of handling professional-grade tasks, the Unitec sander carries an extremely wage-friendly price tag. Its affordability lies in a few compromises like a heavy-duty but basic build and lack of extras like velcro sanding belts – though these are easily remedied aftermarket for serious users.

Overall, the Unitec 120V represents an ideal entry-level option for craftspeople, woodworkers and hobbyists seeking pro-level results without pro-grade costs. It delivers the square footage and belt speeds to create the type of super smooth finishes that turn heads – just at an operating cost that won’t break the bank.

If achieving salon-smooth surfaces on a shoestring budget describes you, the Unitec 120V Sheet & Plate Sander could be the affordable answer to all your finishing woes.

Act now while this great value offer lasts and place your order today to enjoy.

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